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Who We Are?

ProjectorCatalog is a website-catalog headquartered in Australia. Created for those who want to learn more about projectors, screens and related equipment. This catalog provides reviews and necessary information so that consumers can make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Editor in Chief: Jim Reddy

We produce reviews and analysis of projectors and projection solutions, and all of the material for the site is written by our Editor-in-Chief – Jim Reddy and a few seasoned contract writers with significant experience in the fields we cover.

We keep track of almost every digital projector in existence, including those that have yet to be announced, are on the market now, or have been discontinued.

Do We Sell Products?

No, we are not a dealer. In fact, ProjectorCatalog does not sell projectors or any other products.

We may earn money through commissions from affiliated retailers or manufacturers who sell products that are linked on our site.

How Do We Pay Our Bills?

What is our revenue source? We must entirely rely on advertising, affiliate links, and contributions to pay our expenses because it is critical that all information on this website be completely free for the customer.

We do not accept sponsorships from manufacturers, and the site is not supported in any way by the businesses whose goods we evaluate.


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