Unlock a world of entertainment with Epson projectors! From movies to games, enjoy the highest quality experience right in your home.

As an industry leader and trusted name, you can be sure that they have all possible types of projectors to meet any need.

Epson is the industry leader in projector manufacturing due to its revolutionary 3LCD projection mechanism.

With its ability to generate lifelike colors and impressive brightness, it has become a popular choice for educational institutions, corporate settings, home theaters and more.

Strengths of Epson Corporation

epson projector brand

Epson is an innovative powerhouse that works to elevate the success of its employees, customers, and partners by producing groundbreaking products.

Through unrivaled quality standards and a commitment to serving others, Epson continuously strives for excellence in everything it does.

With Epson projectors, users can maximize the longevity of their investment. Through replaceable lamps, they can easily and affordably ensure continued service for years to come.

Epson’s unwavering commitment to innovation has seen the company pour hundreds of millions into research and development annually.

With R&D centers spanning Japan, Brazil, Canada and the USA, Epson continuously strives to provide its customers with cutting-edge solutions. Pushing boundaries daily in an effort to pioneer integral advancements for industry professionals worldwide.

Epson Company: Short Wiki

Year of foundation: 1942
Industry of business: Electronic
Coverage: Worldwide
Chief Executive Officer: Minoru Usui
Headquarters: Suwa, Nagano, Japan (Officially registered in Shinjuku, Tokyo)
Website: https://epson.com/

History of Epson Corporation

Seiko Epson Corporation’s heritage lies in the rich historical tradition of Japanese watchmaking, beginning with Kintaro Hattori and his founding of an enterprise back in 1881.

In its current form, Seiko Epson Corporation was founded in May 1942 as Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd. Its leader was Hisao Yamazaki, who previously worked at Kintaro Hattori.

Established in the pursuit of watchmaking excellence, this global household name has since grown into a technology powerhouse that spans multiple countries.

With its emphasis on innovation and technical progress, it continues to be an industry leader for generations past, present and future.

Seiko made history in October 1964 when it was selected as the official timekeeper for Tokyo’s Olympic Games, a historic moment.

August 1968. The first overseas production branch was established in Singapore.

In April 1975, Epson America, Inc. astounded the nation with its worldwide expansion when it established itself as a subsidiary in the US – an impressive milestone for such an innovative company!

In November 1985, history was made as two industry-leading companies – Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd. and Epson Corporation – joined forces to become the renowned innovator in technology that we know as Seiko Epson Corporation today.

In 1990, Epson Europe BV opens a regional headquarters in the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

Epson Japan achieved an impressive milestone in 1994 – all of their factories were awarded the ISO 9000 series certification for excellence and dedication to quality management.

April 1999, Epson took its operations east and established a regional headquarters in the heart of Beijing – signifying an important milestone in extending its reach to one of the most populous countries on the planet.

In May 2000, the Epson Corporation achieved a major global milestone – ISO 14001 certification at its 68 business sites worldwide. This significant achievement demonstrated their commitment to safeguarding our planet’s future through environmental management systems.

In June 2002, Epson earned the esteemed Corporate Innovation Recognition Award from IEEE. This recognition acknowledges their dedicated commitment to innovation and electrical engineering as a whole.

June 2003, Epson achieved an incredible milestone – they joined the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s First Section, a major accomplishment in their journey as global leaders.

In April of 2005, Epson launched its global tagline ‘Exceed Your Vision’ in order to stretch the boundaries and cultivate a more comprehensive brand identity across borders.

May-August 2005. Epson celebrates success in Japan, achieving the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for their outstanding “monozukuri” practice. Moreover, they have also been honored with Business Commitment to the Environment’s Premier Award of 2004.

In October-November 2010, Seiko Epson was honored with the prestigious DEVNET Award for their tree planting program in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Additionally, they entered into a strategic partnership with Tokyo Electron Ltd., aimed at developing OLED display fabrication technology.

In October 2011, Epson Precision (Philippines), Inc. opened its new factory in the Philippines to further enhance the production of projectors and inkjet printers.

epson projector manufacturer

In 2013, Epson revolutionized its production lines with the introduction of new inkjet printhead technology. The company also unveiled PrecisionCore – a game-changing innovation that drastically improved the speed and quality of printing jobs. To top it off, they developed an autonomous dual-arm robot capable of independent operation through having sight, sense, and thought process capabilities!

In 2015, Epson demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by acquiring a 100% stake in For.Tex and developing the PaperLab: an innovative paper recycler utilizing Dry Fiber Technology that can be conveniently operated within any office setting.

In 2016, Seiko Epson made a strategic move to consolidate operations by relocating its Tokyo Office. And established the ambitious “Epson 25 Corporate Vision.”

2017 was a successful year for Epson, as they unveiled their new PrecisionCore lineheads and integrated the operations of Orient Watch. Additionally, the PaperLab dry process office papermaking system was honored with Japan’s prestigious Prime Minister’s Award at its 46th Technology Prizes ceremony. Finally, construction concluded on a brand-new factory from Epson in The Philippines.

In 2018, Epson innovated color management technology to achieve improved color reproduction. Their efforts were recognized by the National Museum of Nature and Science which registered their Seiko Quartz Astron 35SQ as Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology. Moreover, Epson’s ground-breaking PaperLab A-8000 dry process office papermaking system earned them the Economy Trade and Industry Minister’s Prize in the 1st Eco Products Awards category.

In 2019, Epson cemented its commitment to energy efficiency with the Grand Prize for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation. Simultaneously, they opened the vibrant futuristic showroom “Epson Square Marunouchi” to demonstrate cutting-edge technology that pushes the boundaries of sustainability.

In 2020 Epson achieved a major milestone this year, earning their first place on CDP’s Leaderboard in the 2019 supplier engagement evaluation. Additionally, they received an esteemed Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at Global Environment Awards for utilizing innovative inkjet technology to reduce environmental impact.

In 2021 Seiko Epson Corp. is leading the way towards a more sustainable future, becoming the first industrial manufacturer to switch entirely to renewable electricity for operations in Japan.

They are also paving new paths with their innovative 3D printer technology in 2022 that can use widely available materials.

Are you searching for the ultimate Epson projector? Look no further, as we have curated a list of the most sought-after models below.

Model # 3800 (V11H959020) 1060 (V11H849020) 2150 (V11H852020-N)
Resolution: 4K Enhancement (4096 x 2160) Full HD (1920×1080) Full HD (1920×1080)
Brightness: 3,000 Lumens 3,100 Lumens 2,500 Lumens
Projection Method: Front, rear, ceiling mount Front, rear, ceiling mount Front, rear, ceiling mount
Dimensions (W x D x H): Including feet: 16.1″ x 13.0″ x 6.5″ Including feet: 11.9″ x 9.9″ x 3.6″ Including feet: 12.2″ x 11.2″ x 4.8″
Contrast ratio: Up to 100,000:1, Auto Iris on 15,000:1 Up to 60,000:1
Throw ratio: 1.32 – 2.15 1.02 – 1.23 1.51 – 1.99
Light source type: Lamp Lamp Lamp
Projection distance: 0″ – 300″ (Zoom: Wide and Zoom: Tele) 30″ – 300″ 30″ – 300″
Current data: April, 2024

Where is Epson Brand Based

If we talk about the headquarters of Epson Corporation, then it is located in Japan, in the city of Suva.

But the company has regional official offices in many regions of the world: the USA, China, the Netherlands, etc.

Also, the large corporation includes many research institutes and factories based in different countries. It is an innovative and technical giant that constantly promotes progress with its activities.

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