Optoma is known for selling some of the best large format display solutions and services on the market.

This includes projectors, interactive flat panels, large all-in-one LED displays, and image processing equipment.

Optoma provides services for many different types of markets including but not limited to: home, corporate, simulation, retail, museums, entertainment and education.

Strengths of Optoma Company

optoma technology brand
Optoma Technology is a industry-leading manufacturer of projection solutions for home entertainment and business that have won multiple awards.

Optoma projectors provide amazing brightness and excellent image quality while maintaining a focus on premium quality and functional style.

Optoma provides the optimal solution to improve image quality for any type of your content. Whether you plan to use a compact projector or install a display device, Optoma has what you need.

Optoma has years of experience in providing support and innovative solutions across the ProAV, commercial, and home sectors.

Optoma projectors can ideally serve many purposes, such as in educational institutions, corporate meeting spaces, religious houses, digital signage screens, museums, and venues for events or outdoors. They’re also perfect to use at home theaters.

Optoma Company: Short Wiki

The following is a brief overview of the Optoma manufacturer.

Year of foundation: 2000 (2002 Globally)
Industry of business: Display technologies
Coverage: Worldwide
Chief Executive Officer: SY Chen
Headquarters: Hemel Hempstead (UK)
Website: https://www.optoma.com/

History of Optoma Technology

The Optoma brand can be traced back to 1992 when it was first established under the Coretronic Group. Regional headquarters were established in the Americas in 1995 and followed by one in Europe two years later, leading up to Optoma Corporation.

The Optoma brand was founded in 2000, and the company quickly established itself as a global force in 2002.

Optoma entered the global market in 2002 by unveiling the world’s first 65-inch DLP® projection television. This groundbreaking product won Optoma the CES Innovations Award, solidifying the company as a leader in visual display technologies.

In 2005, Optoma released the world’s first all-in-one DVD projector. A year later, they dropped the world’s first 1080p home cinema projector, and two years after that came the world’s first palm-size pico projector.

In 2014, Optoma decided to merge with NuForce, a Hi-End audio company based in Milpitas, California. The goal was to provide customers with an unforgettable audio-visual entertainment experience.

Optoma’s 4K UHD home projector was released in 2017 and has stayed the leading DLP 4K projector brand worldwide. Since then, Optoma has been winning ProAV related awards for its QUAD LED all-in-one displays and high lumens ProScene 4K UHD laser projectors.

In 2022, Optoma is still lead the way in innovative interactive flat panels, projectors, large LED displays, and image processing equipment.

Of the many Optoma projector models on the market, we have compiled a list of the most popular ones below.

Model # UHZ50 HZ39HDR GT1080HDR
Resolution: UHD (3840×2160) Full HD (1920×1080) Full HD (1920×1080)
Brightness: 3,000 Lumens 4,000 Lumens 3,800 Lumens
Screen size (diagonal): 34.1″ ~ 302.4″ 28″ ~ 300.3″ 36.2″ ~ 307.8″
Response Time: 4 ms 8.4 ms 8.4 ms
Contrast ratio: 2,500,000:1 300,000:1 50,000:1
Throw ratio: 1.21:1 ~ 1.59:1 1.21:1 ~ 1.59:1 0.49:1
Light source type: Laser Laser Lamp
Projection distance: 47.24″ – 318.9″ 39.37″ – 311.02″ 15.75″ – 133.86″
Current data: April, 2024

Where is Optoma Based

Optoma has facilities for research and development, sales, marketing, and customer service in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific region, and China.

Optoma is one of the most trusted brands in the projection industry. They offer a wide variety of projectors for home and professional use, all of which deliver high quality images.

Whether you’re looking for a projector to use in a corporate meeting or to show your home movies on a big screen, Optoma has the perfect model for you.

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